Wide Area Mower (up to 36") Full Service Tune Up

What we do:

 -Change spark plug(s), oil, oil filter, air filter, fuel filter

-Flush fuel system, clean and adjust carburetor

-Adjust engine linkage, rpm, governor controls

-Inspect, lube and adjust controls, cables and linkages

-Inspect and test electrical system including: battery, charging system, safety switches

-Inspect and adjust belts and pulleys

- Inspect recoil starter and rope

-Inspect Mower Deck shell, hangers, and blade spindles

-Sharpen/Balance blades. Replace if worn or damaged

-Set tire psi and inspect deck for level

*Parts typically used in this service may include: gaskets, spark plugs, oil, filters, belts, blades, and battery.  

 ***Tire repairs and mouse nest removal service will be charged in addition to Full Service Tune Up if required.