Our Service and Repair Guarantee

We guarantee our service and repairs for a period of 30 days from the date of completion. 

The following will not be covered:

  • Fuel related issues.  Stale, old, or fuel contaminiated with water or debris added to your equipment after it has been serviced ad repaired will not be covered.  Always start with a clean container, fresh fuel, and add a fuel stabilizer additive as outlined in your owners manuals. 
  • Misuse or abuse.  Examples:

  1.  Belt damage or failure caused by trying to remove slush or snow that has been rained on.  Belt damage or failure caused by trying to cut extremely tall or wet grass. 
  2. Forcing your machine through deep or packed snow in high wheel drive speed leading to belt and friction disc wear and failure.
  3. Running into or over items or debris such as newspapers, electrical cords, landscape lighting and decorations, welcome mats, toys, pieces of asphalt and concrete dropped by plows.

  • Lack of Maintenance.  Engine oil should be checked before each use as well as any other periodic lubrication and adjustments that is provided in your owners manuals.