Commercial Mower Full Service Tune Up

What we do: 

-Change spark plug(s), oil, air filter, fuel filter

-Flush fuel system, clean and adjust carburetor

-Adjust engine linkage, rpm, governor controls

-Inspected recoil starter and rope (if applicable)

-Inspect, lube and adjust controls, cables and linkages

-Inspect and test electrical system including: battery, charging system, safety switches

-Inspect and adjust belts and pulleys

-Inspect Mower Deck shell, hangers, and blade spindles

-Sharpen/Balance blades. Replace if worn or damaged

-Set tire psi and inspect deck for level

***Hydraulic system service should be performed at manufacturer recommended intervals and is not performed with Full Service Tune Ups.  If this service is needed or requested, labor will be billed out in addition to Full Service Tune Up . 

*Parts typically used in this service may include: gaskets, spark plugs, oil, filters, belts, light bulbs, blades, and battery.  

 ***Tire repairs and mouse nest removal service will be charged in addition to Full Service Tune Up if required.